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Six Months Later

There have been a number of times over the past months when I wanted to write down random thoughts on this blog, but just couldn’t. It seemed wrong to follow up on the previous post without talking about what has happened in the meantime. I felt that I needed to carry on the narrative. Well then, I want to settle that issue once and for all, so here goes.

It’s been six months since I first set foot on Australian soil, and so much of my life has changed because of it. I doubt anyone is interested in reading all of it in detail (and I could probably fill half a book by now), so let me just take you through the major points.

In the past half year in Australia, I have:

  • worked on a banana farm for three months in a small, rural town called Tully, Queensland
  • met countless wonderful people in Tully, stumbled across many of them again and again road-tripping down the east coast, and now hang out with a bunch of them in Sydney
  • hitchhiked to another town to buy boots with a new friend I’d met 20 minutes earlier
  • raced along the beach in 4x4s on the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island
  • got used to working in 30°C heat and feel chilly when the temp goes down to 23°C
  • been to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane and other cities along the east coast
  • been to three zoos but have yet to see a single kangaroo or koala out in the wild
  • stayed in many, many hostels and learned to adjust to lower living standards
  • lost so much weight I can barely believe it myself, and I feel great about it
  • spent three days on a sailboat cruising through the Whitsunday Islands
  • jumped out of a plane at 14,000 ft, despite my fear of flying and heights
    (and let me tell you it was absolutely amazing! So glad I did it! Try it!)
  • felt the world’s whitest sand between my toes on Whitehaven Beach
  • learned (and am still learning) to be a lot more relaxed about things
  • discovered how lost I really am in the grand scheme of things
  • camped out in the rain in a cheap, totally not waterproof tent
  • swum with a sea turtle and snorkeled among beautiful reefs
  • dived beneath waterfalls and jumped into crystal clear lakes
  • CouchSurfed with awesome friends and kind strangers
  • chased away dingoes at night and howled at the moon
  • taken so many photos I had to buy a new hard drive
  • experienced the New Years Eve fireworks in Sydney
  • been having what you could call the time of my life.

There, that’s settled. Now I can start writing about random thoughts again.

Oh and if you need a web designer / front end developer, please get in touch. I’m kind of struggling to find a job here in Sydney.

One Comment

  1. Ralf January 28, 2012 @ 20:45

    Ich schreibe hier mal auf Deutsch, Jerry, nicht dass Du die Sprache vergisst oder so!

    Wir freuen uns, dass es Dir gut geht und Du »the time of your life« hast. Dein Mut wird belohnt und alles was Du da down under erlebst, das kann Dir niemand mehr nehmen! Ich, für meinen Teil, bin etwas neidisch. Aber hey, jeder ist seines eigenen Glückes Schmied. Also hau rein, bleib wie Du bist und Du wenn wieder da bist, dann laden Tina und ich Dich ein und Du musst uns ein ganzes Wochenende lang die Nase lang machen und von Deinen Abenteuern berichten.