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Don’t Call It A Comeback

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It’s more like returning from the netherworld of non-existence, really. I can’t remember when I took down my old site, but it’s been years. I don’t think anyone believed I’d ever get a new site launched. Hey, can’t blame ‘em. But here it is, in all its wonderful grayness.

So what can you expect from the new and improved Well, first and foremost, it’s an experiment. The site is a combination of a portfolio, a blog and a photobook, all in one continuos stream.  There is no classic site structure with hierarchic navigation levels, no grid system, no key visual, no search or other things considered necessary on a website. The content is the experience. You can browse by type for an overview, but when you use those arrow keys at the sides of the posts, you’ll wander through the entire stream, no matter what type of post you’re currently on. Feed subscribers will get that exact same experience.

I have plenty of other places to share my quick thoughts, stuff that I like and music I consider awesome, so this space will be about writing out ideas and thoughts that need more than 140 characters, and showing some of my personal work. There isn’t much to see here, yet, but I will fill the site with life over the next weeks.

I’m not sure if this experiment will work as well as I anticipate, but if you’ll join me on this journey, I’ll try to make it worth your while.

There are a few ways to hop on:


  1. Sam Figueroa October 27, 2010 @ 18:51


    Btw, thx 2 u I now have that catchy tune in my head. #LL-Cool-J

  2. Jerome Dahdah October 27, 2010 @ 22:15

    Haha, and that’s exactly how I felt when I finally hit “publish”. Bam!

  3. Your mom November 26, 2010 @ 23:13

    Nice website, Jerry! Well done :-)
    It is so different from your old one, it was worth waiting for it that long!
    Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts…….

  4. Klaus November 28, 2010 @ 23:34

    Dear Jerome,
    today I have visited your HP. Mummy has given me your address. Unfortunately, I am not able to speak well English. Therefore, I do not understand most. But your pictures are great. In particular the start – Your fight with yourself.

    And I have a new inspiration to learn more English. :-)))

    Good night and kind regards