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Off To Berlin

Off to Berlin

Berlin. The city that makes or breaks you. The city that either helps you fulfill your dreams or crushes them relentlessly. The city so full of crazy people that you can’t be around them for more than a few days without your brain bursting with ideas. You look around – tech folks everywhere, indie entrepreneurs, the digital bohême and the unpredictable nomads. Everyone’s working on some kind of unlikely project that is meant to change the world. And you’re right in the middle of it, soaking up whatever comes your way. And then it happens: you want your own project. You want it like a fidgety kid wants a popsicle. And your first thought is: who gives a shit what kind of project – anything will do. Main thing is you’re there and you’re doing something awesome.

And it’s not just while you’re there. The feeling follows you back home, haunts you in your sleep. Come back every few months and it just refills that inner barrel of restlessness. Do it often enough and it’ll get the better of you. No choice left but to pack your bags and make your way to the madhouse.

I’ve exposed myself to the Berlin madness so regularly that I’m hooked. I’m speeding towards the city at 240km/h as I write these lines. And I’m here to stay. For a month. It’s a small start, with hopefully large consequences. I’ve spent months and months thinking hard about what my project will look like. I’ve explored the deepest abyss of my mind – my hopes, my fears, my beliefs, my very purpose. I’m putting all of it into this thing, because it’s something I do give a shit about. And while it’s still pretty blurry at the edges, I’ve drawn out the general shape and the base that will support it. I’m going to work on it until my pencils crack, my keyboard squeaks and my eyes pop out.

Berlin, I’m yours for a month, and you’re mine for a month. Let’s do something awesome.


Now Selling Instagram Prints

Instacanvas Art for Sale

You can now purchase high-quality Instagram prints of my iPhone photography! This is a big step for me, as it’s my very first venture into selling prints of my work. Hopefully this will help finance a bit of my travels and enable me to continue capturing the world with my iPhone. With any purchase you are actively supporting me and getting a nice photo for your home or office in return. Please head on over and have a look. You can also spread the word by clicking that Like button below this post. Thanks and best wishes from Melbourne!

Six Months Later

There have been a number of times over the past months when I wanted to write down random thoughts on this blog, but just couldn’t. It seemed wrong to follow up on the previous post without talking about what has happened in the meantime. I felt that I needed to carry on the narrative. Well then, I want to settle that issue once and for all, so here goes.

It’s been six months since I first set foot on Australian soil, and so much of my life has changed because of it. I doubt anyone is interested in reading all of it in detail (and I could probably fill half a book by now), so let me just take you through the major points. OK »

Going Global

Going Global

Well, it’s official. I’ve quit my job, given notice on my flat and I’m currently selling sold almost everything I own. I’m trading all of that in for a one way ticket to the other side of the world with not much of a plan beyond that. Wait, what? »

The Urge

Conflict of Self

Doing… doing… always doing. Never sitting still, feet shoving, legs twitching. Always full of energy, full of thoughts, full of feelings and intentions and memories and everything crashing around in my mind all day and all night and never ending.

Eternal stream of consciousness, never focussed on one thing, always changing, shifting, moving, evolving, resetting, rethinking, unthinking, undoing, redoing and redefining. Discovering, inhaling, remixing and exhaling. Experiencing and suppressing and forgetting and remembering. Analyzing. Overanalyzing. Finding and loving and craving and losing and hating and fearing and just not caring anymore.

Always fighting the urge to create and giving in. Always starting something new and never finishing. Racing the clock in hopes of being done before interest moves on to the next best thing. Constantly failing. Opening up the editor just to write anything for the sake of writing, the sake of creating, the sake of doing something meaningful. For the sake of being heard. Having nothing to say and saying it anyway. Shoving this into your face and not knowing what to make of it. Feeling relieved, now on to the next thing.

Forever restless. The story of my life.

A Memory Of You

Invent a memory of me. It can be anything you want, so long as it’s something that’s never happened… — Nico

It was getting rather late. Far too late for this crap. The symbols on the flickering monitor had started to doze off, glowing all blurry and washed out, and I felt the surrendering urge to join them in their slumber.

I needed to get out of this city. It was pulling me down, dragging me along its filthy streets face first, shredding away all ambition and aspiration, shredding away the last significant bits of my face. Years ago that had been different. Years ago this hole meant independance to me. Finally on my own feet, in my own appartment, in my own city. It was my life, and it was in my hands. I knew this was happiness. It was my first step into freedom.

How foolish I was. Read on, my dear. »

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Parque das Nações

It’s more like returning from the netherworld of non-existence, really. I can’t remember when I took down my old site, but it’s been years. I don’t think anyone believed I’d ever get a new site launched. Hey, can’t blame ‘em. But here it is, in all its wonderful grayness.

So what can you expect from the new and improved Well, first and foremost, it’s an experiment. The site is a combination of a portfolio, a blog and a photobook, all in one continuos stream.  There is no classic site structure with hierarchic navigation levels, no grid system, no key visual, no search or other things considered necessary on a website. The content is the experience. You can browse by type for an overview, but when you use those arrow keys at the sides of the posts, you’ll wander through the entire stream, no matter what type of post you’re currently on. Feed subscribers will get that exact same experience.

I have plenty of other places to share my quick thoughts, stuff that I like and music I consider awesome, so this space will be about writing out ideas and thoughts that need more than 140 characters, and showing some of my personal work. There isn’t much to see here, yet, but I will fill the site with life over the next weeks.

I’m not sure if this experiment will work as well as I anticipate, but if you’ll join me on this journey, I’ll try to make it worth your while.

There are a few ways to hop on: