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Now Selling Instagram Prints

Instacanvas Art for Sale

You can now purchase high-quality Instagram prints of my iPhone photography! This is a big step for me, as it’s my very first venture into selling prints of my work. Hopefully this will help finance a bit of my travels and enable me to continue capturing the world with my iPhone. With any purchase you are actively supporting me and getting a nice photo for your home or office in return. Please head on over and have a look. You can also spread the word by clicking that Like button below this post. Thanks and best wishes from Melbourne!

My Bookshelf, the Attention Whore

My Bookshelf

Meet my bookshelf. It stands in my apartment and carries some of my favorite things: many books that I have read, lots that I haven’t yet. An awesome little textile rendition of my Richard character that my dear sister made for me. Some paintings I did when I was into acrylic and canvas one cold winter, including one I did on a cheap Converse knockoff. My old camera that introduced me to photography. Documents and receipts. A Coke bottle I liked so much I brought it home with me from a vacation in Croatia. A shoebox filled with small, trivial objects that remind me of my childhood. The kind of stuff you’d find in a shelf.

And it’s really just that: a bookshelf.

It’s also my most popular photo on Flickr. It has over 4000 views, almost over 30 favorites, it’s featured in 2 galleries, has provided me with invites to numerous groups, has won two Flickr group prizes and for a while it was one of the top results on Google Images. Whoa!

Why do I mention all that? Self-praise stinks, as we say in Germany. Well, it would, if I were trying to take credit for it, but I’m not. The whole thing just developed a life on its own, and I think it’s hilarious! Really, I love the irony: of all of the effort I put into my photos, it’s the boring, 2-minute, full frontal shot of a bookshelf that grabs all the attention.

It baffles the mind.

Nijmegen By Night

Nijmegen By Night I

Some time last year, my friend Thomas and I decided to drive to the ocean rather spontaneously. For reasons beyond my control, we didn’t leave early enough, so somewhere along the way, we realized we wouldn’t make it there before it got dark. We decided to stop at the next city and look around instead.

That happened to be Nijmegen, Netherlands. Here are a few shots of our short tour »