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This is me. I always look like this when I'm working.

This is me. I always look like this when I’m working.

You might have already read the blurb over on the right, but if you want to know a bit more about me, here it is. Thanks for checking by.

My name is Jerome Dahdah. I’m a digital nomad and freelance front-end developer. When I’m not working or traveling, I indulge in Third Wave coffee, good food, longboarding, inspiring books, and the company of my friends.


I’m going to answer some questions I’ll pretend people actually asked me.

Why all the gray?
I like gray! No actually, for me it’s all about the content. Good design, in my opinion, is the kind that doesn’t jump in your face. It remains invisible and structures and empowers whatever it is you’re communicating. Since gray is so wonderfully neutral, it works really well for showing my photos and other colorful work without getting in the way. It’s also easy on the eyes so you can spend hours and hours of your life reading my site. Hey, I can dream.

What is that amazing font?
Glad you asked! I’m using the wonderful free and fully open sourced Titillium typeface.

Hey you jerk, this website isn’t responsive.
Yeah, you’re right. I built this website ages ago and haven’t updated it since. It’s not a representation of my current work in any way and it’ll get an overhaul some time this decade, I’m sure…

Are you interested in advertising/paid reviews/link exchanges/etc.?


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